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System Definition.
Custom Electronic Design.
Embedded Software Development.
System Verification, Validation and Qualification.

System Definition.
Depending on the customer requirements the system definition is performed in various levels of detail and formality.
  • User Requirement Analysis
    Translate the user requirements into a set of quantifiable functional requirements that can be translated into design requirements.

  • Functional Analysis
    Defining the system in ever increasing levels of detail in terms of performance, sequences, hardware etc. The output defines the system in terms of operational use, interfaces, software, support etc.

  • Requirements Allocation
    Decomposing the system requirements until a level is reached where a specific hardware item or software routine can fulfill the functional and performance requirements.

  • Trade Studies
    Exploring different solutions to best satisfy the system requirements in terms of performance, cost, schedule, reliability etc.

  • System Synthesis
    Transforming system requirements into physical reality through interface control documents, computer simulation, system block diagrams, schematic diagrams etc.

Custom Electronic Design.
Taking the system definition and transforming it to physical hardware. This is part of the system synthesis described above.
  • Schematic Design.

  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Layout.

  • Bill of Materials (BOM).

  • Assembly Drawings.

  • Component Placement Files.

  • Datapack Configuration Control.
Embedded Software Development.
Taking the system definition and transforming it to executable embedded software. This is part of the system synthesis described above.
  • Software Requirement Specification.

  • Software Test Procedure.

  • Software Coding.

  • Software / Hardware Integration.

  • Software Configuration Control.
System Verification, Validation and Qualification.
  • Hardware Verification.

  • Software Verification.

  • System Requirement Validation.

  • Capability to perform MIL-STD and CE qualification.

  • Generating Production Acceptance Test Procedures.
  • Component Procurement.

  • Outsourced PCB Assembly.

  • Software Load and Assembly Acceptance Testing.

  • Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) where required.

  • Certificate of Conformance (CoC) where required.

  • Packaging for Delivery.
  • Maintenance and Repair.

  • Software Upgrades.

  • System Upgrades and Improvements.

  • Installation Support.

  • User Manuals and Operating Instructions. - web design, graphic design, printing, internet, hosting, annual reports, logo design, business card design, web site, web development, email